OFDK (Open Font Design/Development toolKit) - open font utilities

The OFDK (Open Font Design/Development toolKit)

The OFDK is a (loose and non-exhaustive) collection of font design/development software released under licenses complying with the Open Source Definition.
Being able to adjust and shape our own tools makes us better designers and script engineers (we prefer read/write tools and open formats.)

Besides FontForge (GPL3, BSD), other useful components of the OFDK include:
Font::TTF (Artistic2), Font::TTF::Scripts (Artistic2), Smith (BSD), pySILfont (MIT), Fonttools TTX (BSD), Fontaine (GPL2), FontMatrix (GPL2), FontManager (GPL3), Gucharmap (GPL3+), Freetype ttfautohint (FTL, GPL2), Graphite (LGPL2.1+-MPL2-GPL2+), GRaide (GRAphite Integrated Development Environment) (LGPL2.1+), sfntly (Apache2), ots (opentype sanitizer) (BSD), HarfBuzz (hb-view) (MIT), fontconfig (BSD-like), fontview (GPL2), wofftools (BSD), font-helpers (GPL3), kernagic (GPL3), ufo2otf (BSD), libretext (AGPL3.0), font testing page (MIT, CC-BY-SA 3.0 for content), fontinfo Firefox extension (MPL, GPL, LGPL), FontQA (GPL2), tinytypetools (GPL3)

If you use Debian, Ubuntu or a derivative, type: sudo apt-get install open-font-design-toolkit
If you use Fedora, Redhat or a derivative, type: su -c "yum groupinstall font-design"
This will install a selection of tools to do open font design. Many of these can also work cross-platform, otherwise you can always spin up a Virtual Machine in your preferred environment.

The corresponding open formats with published royalty-free specs are: UFO, SFD, FEA, WOFF, OFF.

Below are a few scripts to help with simple (or more advanced) tasks in the open font design workflow(s). Enjoy!
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[TXT]fontdiff.sh2014-01-14 11:53 150  
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[TXT]txtfontcoverage.pl2014-01-14 11:53 2.0K 
[TXT]vfbmetadata.sh2014-01-14 11:53 31  
[TXT]whereisfont.sh2014-01-14 11:53 40